Quick snack: Gardenia Cream Rolls

Gardenia has always been our number one choice when it comes to bread. From the classic white bread, hamburger and hotdog buns, all the way down to the muffins. It's soft and yummy unlike other brands and it stays fresh and soft longer.

I recently found out about this delicious product by Gardenia, Cream Rolls. I only have one word to describe them, HEAVENLY! It comes in 7 awesome flavors, Ube, Mangoes and Cream, Chocolate, Cookies and cream, Rocky road, choco strawberry and choco peanut butter. 

It's 10 pesos per piece and it's money well spent. Perfect for my kid's baon at school or something to snack on while in the car or at home watching the television. Our favorite is the Rocky road.

It's creamy and delicious on the inside, if i would describe it, it is like eating ice cream out of a bread roll, it's best served chilled but you can eat it even if it's not.

So what are you waiting for, run over to your local supermarket and grab one now! Yummy!


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