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    Contest junkies, Professional joiners, No life. These are just a few words that other people use to describe us. It may sound a bit harsh but yes there are people like us who love joining contests and giveaways. Crazy is the person who would say no to something they can get for free. Yes i am a contest junkie. But i am not a professional joiner. And yes i do have a life.

     I don't know, there's something about online games that gets you addicted. I used to be a gamer girl. When i got married back in 2006, i was so into online games. Even before i had my first baby i would stay up all night playing. The first game that i got hooked on was Rose Online. It's an online role playing game where you kill monsters to level your character. I wasn't playing to get the highest level or to beat people in reaching a certain level, it just happens. I would play to try and get a "cute" looking character, i would play to be the richest player in the game. While others were busy online teaming up with others to gain a level, i would look for a quiet spot in the game and hunt for rare items then i would spend most of my time online in "town" selling my finds. That's why and how my online addiction started. 

    Fast forward to 2011. Two kids later and a retired gamer girl. That's when i started to give notice to these ads on the side of Facebook. I got curious and clicked one hoping it wasn't a virus or anything bad. One thing led to another and i won my first contest. This contest was a picture entry contest. I joined, nothing to lose. With nothing but a phone camera and two adorable kids, i entered that contest and won my first prize. That's when the bug bit me. So i started looking for more contests, viewing profiles of people who joined these contest to find the latest and i joined everything i could. 

     Now i'm around two years in the contest scene. Gained a few friends and alot of haters. From "Congratulations" to "ikaw na naman." I have read plenty. Give chance to others? I actually do. Every single person who joins has an equal chance of winning. You win some you lose some but there's no harm in trying. I play fair thou. I don't cheat. I enter a contest with all my heart and i mean every word i say. Some people just read the mandatory entries to a contest but do they really know anything about the product? Do they actually give time to read a person's blog and what they blog about? I do. 

     There are reasons why i join contests. I am a stay at home mom who looks and takes care of my kids, our home, and my family. Instead of wasting my free time making tsismis with the kapitbahay or playing bingo every night or trying to crush a candy every hour, i make the most out of it and join these giveaways. It's so nice that there are these generous people or companies out there willing to give you free supplies of stuff you actually use at home. It does wonders on the budget. The feeling you get when you win something that your kids can actually use is priceless. 

     I have had my fair share of wins and loses. I have probably won around 200-250 thousand pesos worth of freebies in the span of two years. Not bad. I'm not lucky. Most if not all of the gadgets i have won online didn't come from a random pick. They were mostly based on creativity. That's one of the reasons why i hate it when people say " ang suwerte mo naman, etc etc..." Suwerte is hitting the lotto or getting picked randomly. I usually get picked by a person and not from some online randomizer program. Most of the stuff that i won "randomly" are usually diapers, makeup and etc. which i have nothing to complain about.

      I really don't see why some people would complain about us who join contests. It even actually comes down to a point where bloggers or agencies would actually ban our names from joining. Geez. I usually just shrug it off and still join. There's one thing that i am proud of when it comes to giveaways. I play fair. Ain't in funny when you randomly look through the comment section of giveaways and see all these names, from the grandfather all the way down to their 1 month old kid, their name is on the list. I bet they even have an entry for their dogs. How about those who create thousands of fake accounts with names like John Lennon, Coco Martin and etc's just so they can vote for their own entries, LOL. There's more! How about those promos giving away a free bottle of lotion then a week later you see a picture of someone holding a hundred bottles of lotion, Yea there's something nice about getting free items but why do you have to be so GREEDY?

     Sorry i just had to let this out. Don't generalize us who join contests as having no lives. I do have a life. It's those two little boys and that loving hubby i wake up next to every morning. What more can i ask for?



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