Globe Rewards

        I have been a Globe subscriber for quite some time now and i am happy with their services and promos. The convenience of G-Cash, imagine buying stuff or paying bills just using your mobile phone and the Globe reward points, getting rewards for loading up on credits.

        I use my G-Cash to make online payments and to pay my bills, i can even pay a Globe competitor bill thru G-Cash! Globe Rewards  is about earning points every time you load up. I believe you get 4% of the amount you loaded and 1 point in Globe Rewards is equal to 1Php.

        You can use these reward points to subscribe to globe promos, pay for food at participating restaurants or buy gadgets online. it's convenient. Anyone with a Globe prepaid or postpaid number is qualified to get reward points. Here's the steps on how to gain and check your reward points:

1. Add prepaid credits.
2. Dial *143# then call on your mobile phone and then a menu will appear. Select MyRewards (9) then just follow the onscreen prompts.

From those menus, you can check your reward points, share reward points, make purchases.

       I used my reward points for the first time today. I have always wanted to get a Playstation portable for my kids and lucky for me they have one to offer. For 7,865 points i was able to get a PSP Slim 3006! Imagine being able to buy a PSP without having to use cash? Just points you earn by simply loading credits on your mobile phone which you use anyways.

For instructions via SMS here are some keywords:

Text CASHPOINTS to 4438 for help
Text BAL to 4438 to check your points
Text ITEM (ITEMS1,ITEMS2,ITEMS3,ITEMS4,ITEMS5) to 4438 to see a full list of available items and points required to purchase
Text REDEEM _ (Item of choice) to redeem.
It's as simple as that! 

So if your looking for a mobile phone subscriber that actually gives you rewards by simply using their services, then you should Go with Globe, because there's only one thing i can say about them, I'm #Glad2BeGlobe!

Happiness! See you in 14 days. :)


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