Quick post: Dinner

Since my family loves burgers or anything American, here's what i whipped up for dinner. I usually make Filipino dishes for dinner or when i get lazy we just call for delivery, usually pizza's or burgers. I decided to make my own version of burger to see if they would like it.

I used a container of CDO burgers, Hamburger buns from Gardenia, Lettuce, cheese, Mayo, mushrooms.

It's pretty easy to make, just fry or grill some patties, throw some cheese on it when it's almost cooked, toast some buns in the oven, spread some mayo, place patties, add some fried mushrooms, onions, lettuce and tomato and you got yourself a quick and easy meal. Don't forget to fry up some fries to complete your meal, oh and a tall glass of coke!

A container of CDO Nutri burger patties which has 5 pieces in it costs 49 pesos, Eden singles which is 10 pesos per piece, Gardenia buns 32 pesos for 6 pieces,mushrooms, lettuce,tomatoes and onions around 60 pesos. For under 150 pesos i was able to make 5 burgers, not bad!

My family loved the burgers i made, from now on it's gonna be included in my "what's for dinner today" calendar.

Thanks for dropping by.

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