Instax is love.

I absolutely love photography. It doesn't matter where i go, i make sure i have some type of camera with me to take snapshots. Aside from my mobile phone, i have a digital camera, a lomo cam and a SLR. Now a new baby has been added to my collection, a Fuji Film Instax mini 8. The very first time i saw this camera i fell in love. I have always wanted this kind of camera, It's been a good year or more when i first thought of buying one of these babies. Now i finally have one!

Introducing my Fuji Film Instax Mini 8! I love everything about it. It comes in 5 different colors to suit your style, mine is in black and it looks classy. 

 It's easy to operate. Just pop in two (2) double A batteries, drop in a pack of film and you can start shooting right away.
 One film pack is good for 10 shots. I just love how it just pops out from the top of the camera and then watching the pictures magically appear. :D
 It's pretty huge to be called a mini but i think the mini part refers to the size of the film and the pictures.
 Below is where the film comes out, located on top, but it really depends on the way you hold the camera because you can also hold it sideways so the film comes out from the side.
 A nice flash for those low light situations. A lanyard to reduce the chances of dropping it. I'm probably gonna start sticking some little stickers on it to dress it up a bit.

This retails for 4,180 Philippine pesos. I forgot how much a pack of film (10's) costs but i figure it's around 400+ pesos.

If you're interested in owning one of these but can't find a store that carries them. Here's a list of retailers.

Here's some specs of it. 

Photography has gone a long way but it's nice to go back to basics, nice and simple. This is a lovely addition to my collection and is perfect for my soon to be hobby, scrapbooking.

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