What's in the mail & OOTD

Beautiful day today, the sun is shining, birds are singing, wind is blowing and the postman just knocked on my door. What does he have for me today? Let's see.

First off, a beautiful dress that came straight from PersunMall. I love how it looks, perfect for an dinner date with my hubby or a night out at the local museum, elegant and playful at the same time.

Front view

Back view

You can check out their site for cool and affordable clothes and accessories. www.PersunMall.com.

Second. A lovely purse from Vesti.

 Nice color, makes it stand out with what i have on. Perfect size, fit's my iPad with enough space for my girlie stuff.

You can also check out there Facebook page to see all they have to offer.

Now here's a innovative bracelet i got from Bangls. These are cool magnetic swappable bracelets, you can mix n'match the colors based on your mood, or outfit of the day. 

Matches my purse perfectly and i love how they just snap together, like magic. My new favorite bracelet!

Visit their Facebook page and don't forget to order what you like.

Lastly, a Forever 21 Gift Card from Charmee.

Thank you Charmee. Looks like i'm gonna be doing another OOTD pretty soon.

Thanks everyone for viewing. Have a nice day!


(all of my pictures are currently being taken on a mobile phone, SLR is still in the shop )


  1. Replies
    1. hehe bongga nga sis! ansaya ko lang isang araw 4 packages tapos ang gaganda pa!

  2. wow!ganda! yung sakin black naman na dress, pag nagmeet tayo suot mo yan ha,tapos suot ko yung sakin ahahahha:D

    1. Uu ganda sis! Black pala pinili mo, patingin! sige ba isuot natin pareho pag nagkita tayo haha!

  3. lovely dress Honey !!! :** <3 win 100 $ with Persunmall :* http://modnesisterki.blogspot.com/2013/08/giveaway.html


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