Friday, August 16, 2013

Showcase: HD681 EVO Superlux

Just received these in the mail the other day. I won this from a contest by GadgetPilipinas. Special thanks to Mr. Gian Viterbo! Hope to see one of your billboards up along EDSA one of these days!

This is a Superlux HD681 EVO. You see, i'm really not into earphones or headphones, I have been through alot of mobile phones over the years and each and every earphone that came with the units are all left unopened and unused. My dislike for headphones even comes to the point that i would laugh at people wearing these HUGE headphones while walking down the street, it's like wearing a motorcycle helmet when you look at it from behind. 

When i got the package, i had no plans of opening it, i was planning on giving it to my husband. Then i started reading the back of the box. Not bad, not bad at all. Plus it looked cool on the picture on the front of the box, and it was white, perfect match for my phone. So i opened it up and checked it out. I actually love the design, big? yes, but it seemed okay. Then i plugged it into my phone and started listening.. It sounded great, i didn't know listening to music through headphones would make a big difference but it did. Nice clear sound, nice highs and i can actually feel the bass.

It fits perfectly, it's comfortable and the part that goes over my ears is very soft. It's made out of plastic but it still feels sturdy. I'm not sure if the size is adjustable, maybe i just haven't figured it out yet. 

I really can't compare this to any other headphones since  this is the first that i have used. Based on my personal judgement of it's sound, I'll give it a 10. It really does sound nice, no cracking sound even on full volume with full bass. It sits comfortably on my head and ears which means i can listen to music with it for hours.

For those looking for quality sound at an affordable price, try these on for size. 

This is not a review, just some opinions of what i think of these Headphones. Thank you for dropping by.

And now for the giveaway..

Just kidding, these are mine!

(I have an upcoming giveaway thou for those interested in joining, stay tuned!)


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