A pleasant afternoon dear readers. It's been raining all week here in the Philippines, not much to do but watch TV or sleep lol. Finally caught a day with some sun yesterday so i figured i should work on a OOTD post. Here you have it, presenting the beautiful Works of JOT LOSA and accessories from Eazy Fashion (www.eazyfashion.com) courtesy of remakestyle (http://www.remakestyle.com/).

This little number makes me feel sexy lol! I don't think i have the confidence to wear this out in public haha. I wore it around the house today, hey it's a Jot Losa and famous people wear his creations. I got funny stares from my husband though!

Let me atleast FEEL sexy for a day. This suit feels good, it's comfy and cool, like i'm not wearing anything. I may wear this to the beach but i don't think i can wear this to malls or parties.

I won these glasses from a blog contest. I like them because of it's unique design, it feels good when i put them on, the fit is just right, not too tight. The lens offers UV protection so it's not just for fashion, ii protects your precious eyes from the rays of the sun. The pearl bracelet looks elegant. it can go with any outfit you got on and it looks stunning. Here's some pics of me wearing them.

There's my OOTD, thank goodness for the sun finally showing itself to me. I can start doing the things i love doing, like photography and eating out. See you all again next time, have a great day!

Out fit: Jot Losa
Sunglasses and accessories: EazyFashion

(all images were taken on a mobile phone since my SLR is in the shop)



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