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OOTD: Rain,rain go away!

This week has been full of non-stop rain in the Philippines, a storm has hit our country which has affected places all over the Philippines. Haven't been able to go out as much as i want, but when the rain lightened up a bit, me and my family went to the mall to grab a bite to eat.  Here's what i had on today.
 Snow boots from an online shop (i forgot the name)  Leggings from HalloHallomall. Coat by Mossimo.  Watch by Swatch+. Ring by PersunMall.  Umbrella by Crocs.
Smile on my face from the sun that is finally showing itself :)
I'm going to leave you all with a quote that i love so much. "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

Hope you like my #OOTD, till next post.

Stay safe everyone. Stay dry!

Giveaway: Firmoo- The world's most popular online eyeglass store & $5 paypal cash

Winners will be drawn tomorrow (September 19) because my internet connection is acting up at the moment due to the rains. Thanks for the understanding.

Winners have been chosen via rafflecopter details have been forwarded to Firmoo.
Congratulations to the following:
Helen Gatbonton ( Free glasses with free shipping)
Sherry Anne ($5 Paypal cash)
Regina Gludo Maniquiz (free glasses/shipping not included) Disqualified/No comment
Pearliza Paguio (free glasses/ shipping not included)
Kimberly Camille Tiu (free glasses/ shipping not included)

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Announcement: Firmoo giveaway winners

Many thanks to everyone who joined my giveaway sponsored by Firmoo. I verified and checked all the entries and used to select the winner/s. As promised, if said giveaway doesn't reach 40 participants, 2 glasses will be given away,shipping fee not included. And if it reaches over 40 participants, A free pair of glasses will be given away which includes free shipping and 2 other glasses, shipping not included.

Giveaway link:
Since my giveaway reached over 40 participants the free pair of glasses with free shipping goes to
Entry number 18
Congrats Zarah!
I will be sending an email shortly
The 2 winners of Firmoo glasses (shipping not included) goes to Rochell Geronimo
and  Vasilica Badea
Congratulations guys. Will be sending you an email regarding your prizes.
Thanks for joining. 
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What's in the mail & OOTD

Beautiful day today, the sun is shining, birds are singing, wind is blowing and the postman just knocked on my door. What does he have for me today? Let's see.
First off, a beautiful dress that came straight from PersunMall. I love how it looks, perfect for an dinner date with my hubby or a night out at the local museum, elegant and playful at the same time.
Front view
Back view

You can check out their site for cool and affordable clothes and accessories.
Second. A lovely purse from Vesti.
 Nice color, makes it stand out with what i have on. Perfect size, fit's my iPad with enough space for my girlie stuff.
You can also check out there Facebook page to see all they have to offer.
Now here's a innovative bracelet i got from Bangls. These are cool magnetic swappable bracelets, you can mix n'match the colors based on your mood, or outfit of the day. 

Matches my purse perfectly and i love how they just snap together, like magic. My new favorite bracele…


A pleasant afternoon dear readers. It's been raining all week here in the Philippines, not much to do but watch TV or sleep lol. Finally caught a day with some sun yesterday so i figured i should work on a OOTD post. Here you have it, presenting the beautiful Works of JOT LOSA and accessories from Eazy Fashion ( courtesy of remakestyle (

This little number makes me feel sexy lol! I don't think i have the confidence to wear this out in public haha. I wore it around the house today, hey it's a Jot Losa and famous people wear his creations. I got funny stares from my husband though!

Let me atleast FEEL sexy for a day. This suit feels good, it's comfy and cool, like i'm not wearing anything. I may wear this to the beach but i don't think i can wear this to malls or parties.

I won these glasses from a blog contest. I like them because of it's unique design, it feels good when i put them on, the fit is just right,…