Saturday, July 20, 2013

Look it's about me. Personalized books.

Good day. Here's what i got in the mail today. A personalized book from Look its about me ( While opening the package and seeing the front cover, i knew my son will love it, and love it he did.

The quality of the book and it's pages looks durable enough to withstand the "torture" from a two year old kid, it's a hard back cover and the pages inside are made from thick, glossy paper.
 Front cover. The book i selected was named Kyle and the Great Space Race.
 Back cover. Just as lovely as the front.
 Special dedication to the person you're giving the book to, in this case, my son.
 Personalized story, great illustrations.
 Food for your mind. 
 Even my son Ethan and yours truly is featured in the story, yay!
 Enjoying every single page, my son loves the story i read to him.
 Planet Kyle! Not only is it fun to read, there's a lesson learned in every story.
 Made especially for my son by Look it's about me, visit their website for details.
 Some more shots. They have other stories that you can completely personialize who's going to star in it.
 This is a great buy for the price of 1,200 Philippine Pesos. Whoever you plan on giving it to will surely fall in love with it and read it over and over.
 To order your own personalized book, visit their website at Steps on ordering and details for personalizing the book is all there so it will be easy to place an order.

I like to thank Look It's About Me for their early birthday present to my son Kyle, Thank you! Looking forward to more stories to read.

Extra special thanks to Ruthilicious ( and When in Manila (
for hosting this awesome giveaway.



  1. ang ganda! gusto ko rin manalo nyan eh hehe congrats sis

  2. Yup sis ang ganda, yun story din ang ganda! nakakatuwa, goodluck sis sana manalo ka din :)

  3. Very nice sis! Advanced Happy Birthday Kyle! I love you!!! Ask him what he wants his Auntie to send him, ok? Love you all!

    1. Thank you! :) Advanced happy birthday too sis! Love 'ya!


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