Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get paid for introducing new things to friends.

Greetings! Being a stay at home mom, i have been looking for ways to be more productive between the times when all my household chores are done and when my kids are either sleeping or behaving well. I started from PTC sites, which was pretty good in the beginning but they keep changing the TOS every now and then so it become more of a headache. I also tried out other online sites that pay you for every article posted but after posting ALOT of good, quality articles, i haven't gotten paid, not even a simple email notification of a cash-out attempt. Currently i have been joining online contests and giveaways and i can say it has been a success so far, freebies here and there, free food, gadgets and the likes.

I stumbled upon a site that pays your for posting links to giveaways and the latest happenings in contests and other online stuff, i immediately signed up for it, nothing to lose, so much to gain if ever. That site is 8Share

is a private rewards club for social media users who like getting free stuff, earning extra cash every month, and being the first to introduce something new.

  • Getting Started

    What is 8Share?
    8Share is a private rewards club for social media users who like getting free stuff, earning extra cash every month, and being the first to introduce something new.
    Who can join 8Share?
    Anyone who loves sharing cool stuff with their friends via social media! 8Share is now in Malaysia, India, Philippines, and Singapore. Join now.
    How do I get rewarded on 8Share?
    Get paid in cash for sharing Specials. Get paid when you invite your friends too. Earn Contribution Points (CPs) for being an active 8Share members. We also like running cool contests for you to win all sorts of gadgets and prizes. Learn more about rewards.
    What is a Unique Visit (U.V.)?
    A unique visit (U.V.) for members of 8Share Philippines, is a click on a Special link from a unique visitor that comes from within Philippines.
    How will I receive my money I've earned from 8Share?
    All money transaction will be made via online bank transfer, upon cash out request.
    Do I have to pay to have an account on 8Share?
    No, it's totally free.
    Do I need anything special to use 8Share?
    As long as you have a social network account like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. and you love sharing cool stuff on it, then you're good. Join us here!
    How can I be a part of 8Share?
    Go to and click the "Sign up" button to create a 8Share account. You will be required to activate your account in which, an activation link will be emailed to you. Check your email, click on the activation link received as you will be lead back to your 8Share homepage and you are good to go!
    Why have I not gotten my activation e-mail?
    The activation e-mail usually takes about 5 minutes to be delivered depending on the traffic. Sometimes the e-mail may end up in your spam or junk folder. However if it is taking too long then do let us know via the "Talk To Us" button on the bottom right of your 8Share Dashboard so we could assist you in this matter further. You must be logged in to view your 8Share Dashboard.
    How do I earn money from sharing a Special?
    You will be given a unique URL link for every Special you broadcast - this link is used to track your unique visits. You will be rewarded for your unique visits as long as the Special is still running and its rewards are still available, until you have reached the maximum rewards for a particular Special.

    I have been on 8share for around two months, getting online when i can but it wasn't a daily habit. Everything that needs to be done was as simple as just sharing the specials i'm interested in on my social network sites, i shared them mostly on Facebook and Tweeter. Every unique click earns you money right away. Just don't cheat by joining those "i click you, you click me sites. You're only fooling yourself!

    I recently reached the minimum amount for cash-out this month, yey for me! After verification and a couple exchanges of emails, the amount was automatically deposited into my account of choice. It was a little over 500 Philippine Pesos which may not seem alot, but every peso saved adds up to alot of money, that is very much useful! Imagine, making money just by sharing specials?! 

    So for those of you who loves to sit in front of the computer, you should try this out. Instead of gaining levels trying to burst some candies, how about sharing awesome specials and making money while you're at it? 

    If you're interested, and i know you are, Join here. You won't regret it!

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