Photography: Black and White

I love photography. Period. Not everyone will like my shots but i really don't care, as long as i love them. I didn't go through any photography classes, i don't rely on photoshop to give my pitures that "HQ/HD'' look. Here are some pics i took, black and white because this was taken a few days after my father-in-laws death. We decided to bring our kids to a park in Tagaytay, Philippines, to have 'em unwind even for just a day, to keep them from thinking too much of my father-in-laws death. I know he wouldn't mind them having fun, because all he wanted when he was alive was for the kids to be happy, all the time.

The Sky Eye

The best fries in the world!

My son in a bubble

Pool of balls

The selfie shot, thank you tripod, OOTD

Mister horsey

Loves of my life

Train ride

I love how black and white photos look like. Let's me focus more on the subject, gives me a clearer view. Next try, lomography, If only i can find a place that still develops Film rolls. Thanks for the time, Ciao!


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