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Seven years of happiness

Today me and my hubby celebrated our 7th year wedding anniversary! I am so happy that he is the person i wake up beside each morning and kiss goodnight every night. Each year gets better and better and i have no regrets in life because i know how much we love each other.
Happy Anniversary Hun!

Today we went to Tagaytay for a date, left the kids with my mother-in-law (thanks mom!) and headed to Taal Vista Hotel for a lunch buffet at Cafe on the Ridge. This place is really beautiful. The moment you walk through their doors makes you feel like a celebrity with everyone greeting you while walking down the middle of the reception area. We got there alittle past 11am and got seated right away since my hunny made prior reservations. The cafe of the Ridge was top quality, great service and great food. We didn't get to try everything out since there was was too many dishes they had to offer. We just tried out what we usually don't eat at home or some other restaurants.
Here's some…

Mobile Photography: My 25th Birthday

Good day! I turned 25 last June 14, Happy birthday to me! Looking back everything that has happened in my life the past 10 years makes me realize that time really does fly. I am thankful for all the blessings that has come my way, for everyone who loves me, for the wonderful places i've been to and for all these wonderful stuff i can call my own. A loving family, a responsible hubby, two adorable kids.
This year we just decided to eat out. Didn't feel like going anywhere because it's not the same without my father-in-law who passed away last April. I am grateful that i had someone so special and sweet like him in my life.
Some pics of my birthday i would love to share. Enjoy!

Looking forward to another year of happiness and JOY.