Gadgets: My|Phone A818g Duo

Greetings! My|Phone Philippines held a contest last mother's day, the mechanics were simple, make a tribute for your mom video. Since my hubby loves editing videos and i love joining contests, we joined. Luckily his video was chosen as one of  the top three videos. The prize he won was a My|Phone a818g and a My|Phone A88+ TV Duo. Since it was a mother's day promo, we gave one to my mother-in-law and the other one to my mom.

Since my mother-in-law got the A818g, i had the chance to play around with it and see what it can do.  I've been an android user from Gingerbread days, i pretty much know my way around the system. I'll start you off with some specs of the phone.

Dual SIM / Dual Standby

3.5-inch capacitive display
1GHz dual-core processor
Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean)
Expandable memory up to 32GB
3.2MP fixed-focus camera (NO LED flash)
VGA (0.3MP) front camera
GPS / Bluetooth / 3G / Wi-Fi
Pinoy Phone App
Price: Php3,990

Awesome specs, Dual core! But does it live up to expectations?

 Face of the phone, simple, easy to use.

 side view, nice and thin

back view, camera, Philippine map

When i first started up the phone, i immediately noticed how fast the interface is, it was alot more faster than my Xperia running ICS and it looked alot more organized. Menu scrolling was fluid, apps opened up as soon as i clicked an icon, didn't notice any lag on games that i tried out.

WiFi connecivity was simply click and connect, surfing via it's native browser was straight forward. 
 Jelly Bean interface

 Version 4.1.1

 The oh-so addicting Candy crush runs smooth on the A818g

Messaging is straight forward and easy to use even for first time android users

 Rear camera is 5mp, takes decent pictures in high light situations, pretty good for those times when you don't have a point and shoot on hand.

 The phones gallery has a nice interface to it, zooming is fast and pictures look good.

 Front camera is perfect for video calls or skyping with your loved ones.

Front camera, low light.

Music player and overall sounds is pretty decent for a phone in it's price range, call quality is loud and clear.

I can't give an opinion yet about it's battery life since i have only charged it once and havent been playing around it to know it's average life. So far i was able to squeeze in about 10 hours of use, WiFi constantly on and Social Media apps updating on a 1 hour basis, a few minutes of candy crush per hour and taking some shots with it's camera.

My verdict.

For a 3,990 pricetag, it's a bargain. It may not be an S4 or an iPhone 5 but it can compete with these bigboys. Dual core processor, decent camera, Latest OS, nice sleek exterior, and elegant finish. This phone is perfect for those who want to experience the greatness of android without having to shell out a huge amount. Don't expect it to be a high end phone that can do anything because it still does have it's flaws. Screen looks bright even at half setting but colors seem alittle bit washed out, the screen is too small for a full qwerty keyboard and it doesnt have any other option, luckily google play has whatever type of keypad you would like to use. Sounds are loud, alittle way to loud that it hurts my eardrums whenever it's on full volume. Exterior looks classy and elegant but it's a fingerprint magnet. Screen is responsive, a little too responsive that even the softest touch will click and select what you put your fingers on, maybe a software update in the near future will take care of these issues. For now i'll give it a 8/10 just because holding and using the phone brings a smile to my face.

Visit My|Phone stalls at your favorite malls to check out this phone and the other models thay have to offer. My|phone is slowly but surely making a name for itself, with quality phones that are up to par with other high end models from known companies.



  1. Hello po tanong ko lang, maganda ba ang kuha ng Myphone A818g kapag gabi or nasa madilim na lugar?

    1. Medyo di masyadong maganda sa low light situations po...

  2. maganda po ba ung image quality ng A818g?nkakapag download po ba xa ng instagram??

    1. Daytime o pag maliwang okay naman cam nya and yes puwede mag install ng Instagram po..


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