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Summer: Pina Colina Resort

The heat of summer is still on full blast. You can feel it right when you step out of your house in the morning, it's unbearable! Have to find ways to keep things cool, and since it's summer break and the kids are at home, you gotta start looking for fun activities to do with them while beating the heat at the same time. One of my smartest friends (mr. Google) who knows almost anything lead me to this wonderful place. I was searching for a resort that was nearby and this popped up in the search results. It's in Tagaytay and it has a pool! So this will do wonders in cooling us off! The name of this resort is Pina Colina which means Pineapple hills. It was called this because the place that it was built on is a pineapple plantation on top of a hill.

A couple minutes drive from Tagaytay rotonda is all it takes to get here. It's a little pass the Tagaytay Market, located on a steep hill. You really can't miss the place since you can see part of it from the main road below, or you can ask some locals for directions.

Since it was just me and my hubby and two little kids, we opted for their Studio deluxe room with AC. It was 2,350 pesos for an overnight stay (2pm-12nn) but i had to pay an extra 500 pesos for my son who is alittle over 3 feet tall, kids 3 feet and under stay free.

The view going to the room was breathtaking! Mountains in the background and the beautiful blue skies above, the room was perfect. It has everything you will be needing even though you won't be spending that much time in the room, it's good to know you're well thought of. It has two beds, a dining table, AC and an electric fan, a kitchen complete with kitchenware and a gas range, it even has a rice cooker, a bathroom with hot and cold water, a personal ref, heck it even had a small backyard! Oh it also has free Wi-fi!

Free wi-fi, though it only reaches upto the porch of the units.

Backyard,you can do som BBQ-ing out back
 side, stairs lead to the rooms upstairs
 beds,small but comfy
 Kitchen, you can cook your own food!
 Main entrance and closet
 Air conditioner and electric fan, yeah like you're gonna be needing it in Tagaytay
 Perfect size for a family of four
 Dining table, we had our lunch outside though

There's the room that we stayed in. They have other rooms depending on the size/number of guests, all are affordable, some even have bedrooms of their own. I recommend the studio deluxe because of it's price and because of it's size, you're only going to be using the room to sleep in at night anyways, and the beds are perfect.

A brief walk around the resort and this is what you will see. I have to mention that is was very quiet on the day we went there,not that many guests were checked-in on that day. Made it much more relaxing.

Here's a tour around the part of the resort that holds the rooms/houses/units.

 Mountains in the background
 I swear you can mistake these for houses.
 Log Cabin
 Entrance to the resort, left side-rooms, right side-pool
 Did i mention it being so breathtaking?!
 The view from our porch

Now here's the resort part of the resort XD This is where we spent most of our stay here, from swimming to dining. Sun up to sun down.

The pool, about 5 ft. deep and it was freezing cold! Dining room on top
 Dining room and function hall
 View of the Jacuzzi (partially hidden) and another view of the dining room
 staff house
 Reception area
 A small waterfall by the pool 
 Picnic tables
 Another awesome view of the pool and the mountains in the background
 No spitting, urinating,blowing nose, spouting water or DEPOSITING FOREIGN MATTER ( i wonder what the last part means?)
 Pool area
 Dining room balcony
 Comfort rooms/toilets
 Beautiful flowers everywhere

 Cute doggy

 Balcony for siteseeing
The pool at night

You have to see the place to appreciate it's beauty. The pool was calming and relaxing, it was cold, but not too cold, the dining room on top made it much more comfortable being in the shade while taking a dip. It's a small pool, i wonder how crowded this gets when all the rooms are occupied. Here's some more pics of the resort.

Town houses that are under construction
 a view of the parking area
 a view of the rooms/houses/units/town homes
 The jacuzzi from outside
 Playground! Trampoline
 Slide and monkey bars
 Park at your own risk?
 These fruits look like small winnie the pooh's, i wonder what they're called?
 Parking area

Are you in love with the resort yet? Well for me it was love at first sight! 
Next up, food! Here's what we had for lunch and dinner.

Caldereta! Yummy
 Lechon kawali
 Menu (click for full size)


Service was fast, food was alright, A little on the expensive side since you really don't get that much served. If you don't like anything on the menu you can always bring your own food or cook your own food.

On a scale of 10, with 10 being perfect, i would give this resort an 8. Really not that much to complain about but i had a few. Wifi throughout the resort was slow and weak. You have to sit on the porch to get a decent signal. The food menu didn't have that much choices in it. The pool is a little too small. Oh well, that's all i had to complain about, no biggie. Still wa a relaxing stay, and the kids had a blast, i'd visit this place again, actually, i want to visit it again soon!

Next time you want to have a weekend getaway with the fam, i would highly recommend this place. Perfect view, perfect wealther and most of all, it was nice and quiet. I'll leave you off with some pics of us having a wonderful time at Pina Colina Resort.

Having a blast!
 Picture perfect
 Wish you were here

 Beach babe LOL
 My wonderful family

Thanks for reading, questions are welcomed, leave a comment. Good day!

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  1. parang maliit yung pool nya noh sis? pero infairness maganda un lodging.. ang sarap magpicture. magandang bakasyunan.. :) a well deseved break for you and your family.. :D

  2. That looks like a really pretty place to stay!


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