Skyranch Tagaytay

Greetings. I may not be great at photography or even at blogging but it really doesn't matter as long as i put my heart and soul into it. I haven't done much travelling and haven't been to that many places yet but wherever i go and whatever i do there, i make sure i keep memories. I am 100% proud that all the places i have blogged about, i personally have been there and experienced it all, all photo's and opinions i blog about is based on first hand experiences and not searched on the web, no editing of copied words to make it look like my own and no grabbing of random online pictures to show places that i have never been to. Here's a place that i recently been to that has just opened to the public.

Beautiful sunny Tagaytay, perfect place to spend your summer vacation at, well, perfect place to spend any time of the year at. It's wonderful. Everybody knows about Tagaytay and here is a new place that will certainly be a new tourist spot. Skyranch. Located across the street from the famous Casino Filipino and right beside Taal Vista Hotel. There's still alot of construction going on here but as early as this stage, you can see how beautiful this place will turn out to be. On this site you will find the tallest Ferris wheel in the Philippines. It takes a whole 10 minutes to make one rotation! Each "vessel" is air conditioned with relaxing music being piped into so expect it to be a very wonderful experience.

Let me start about some details about the place including prices. Parking will cost you 50 pesos, not bad. Entrance to the park is 100 pesos per head but we got in for 50 pesos per head, summer promo i believe. The ferris wheel ride will cost you 150 pesos per head, children 9 months and under are free and 9 months onwards have to pay the regular price. Other attractions cost an average of 50 pesos per head. Random food and drink stalls are located around the park so you won't have to go out to when you feel hungry or thirsty.

Entrance rates
 Rules and Regulations
 Entrance ticket

Once inside the park you'll notice right away the Ferris wheel, some food stands lined up near the entrance and some other kiddie rides. Did i mention that this place also has a spectacular view of the Famous Taal Volcano! Picture op!

Entrance (inside)
 Entrance (outside)
 Food stalls
 The country's tallest ferris wheel!

The park looks well maintained and clean, only half of it is open to the public while the other half is sealed off for construction. Here are some of the rides located inside that are operational.

Red baron
 Souvenir booth
 Anchor's away(?)
 Wonder flight
 Nessi coaster

There's also a horse trail located in the park and a pathway that overlooks the Taal Volcano.

Now to the ferris wheel, some shots i took of it and some shots i took while riding it.
 Beautiful Tagaytay

 Down below
 Picture perfect

 Summit ridge hotel
 My car patiently waiting for me
 Taal volcano

Great place to go to, can't wait to see it when it's 100% complete. It's nice to have an amusement park that i can go to anytime that is nearby. Kinda reminds me of the song Big Yellow Taxi.. Before all of this was built, it use to be an open field where me and my hubby and kids would go to, we'd buy some snacks and park here while waiting for my in-laws to leave the nearby casino. Oh well, that's part of development i guess, "paved paradise and put up a parking lot!"

I'll leave you off with pics of me and my baby enjoying Skyranch for the first time, thanks for reading! Till next post!

My trusty SLR
 OOTD post?

 Thomas the train

 On top of the world

 Jump for joy
 Some point and shoot shots for facebook

 Lovely Joy



  1. love your ootd sis and i enjoyed your photos! wish i could go there with my kids soon! :)

    1. Thanks sis, glad you enjoyed my photos! Yes, come and try the sky eye :D

  2. i love your last pic and your outfit esp d cute leggings!:)

  3. Lovin'your post, photos & ootd! hihi.. Loveu sissy! lets go there when its 100% complete! :)

    1. Love ya sis! Yup 100% complete and 50% off! :)


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