Saturday, April 13, 2013

Camay For Soft and Scented Skin

Camay by Procter and Gamble was first introduced in 1926. As I remember, My mom told me about Camay, and how it leaves her skin smooth and scented. Unfortunately Camay disribution here in the Philippines was discontinued. And now I'm 24, I'm Glad that Camay has made a come back! When I heard about it, I was so eager to try their new variants of soaps, they also have shower gels too! Lucky me, I won a contest from the Camay Ambassador, Ms. Daphne Osena Paez .

I didn't expect the package will look beautiful like this, I was so mesmerized with the smell coming from the beautiful box. It is consists of a Robe, 3 different variants of Camay soap inside a cute pouch bag (Dynamique Grapefruit, Romantique Rose, Creme Vanilla). I can't choose which one is my favorite, because all of them smells so good! First thing I tried the Creme Vanilla, after shower, my husband can't help but noticed how soft and sweet my skin is, I'm flattered when he made compliment with my smell!

Each variant has it's own decription:

Dynamique Grapefruit - refresh your skin with the energizing scent of pink grapefruit. Dynamique grapefruit enchants with its exotic, bright and juicy pink grapefruit notes with hints of white floral accents. He wont forget your refreshing different scent.

Creme Vanilla - Pure innocent sweet. It could only be Creme Vanilla. It is suffused with the delectable scent of vanilla with the silky notes of white lilies and a creamy coconut with a luxurious touch of orchid. Captivate him with your sweet and unique scent.

Romantique Rose - Infused with the feminine scent of French wild rose, it leaves your skin feeling sensually soft and satiny. You can't hel but enchant him with this delightfully floral scent.

So which scent do you love most? For only Php 14.00 you get a (55g) of any variant and Php. 25.00 for the (80g). The Camay shower gel costs Php 70.00 (200ml), available nationwide. Discover the new scents of attraction, making him fall in love with your soft scented skin by Camay.

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