Monday, January 14, 2013


Greetings! I just want to show off what i won from Dowell, not show off as to brag, but to show how useful this is for me. I usually have a hard time cleaning up all our rooms in the house, it usually takes half a day to sweep the floors with a broom. I have 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a TV room, a kitchen and a huge dining/living room to clean once a week. This awesome vaccuum from Dowell cuts my cleaning time in half and made it way more easier.

It's a 3 in 1 vaccuum, it works on dry, wet and it also works as a blower (thou i haven't figured out how to turn it into a blower) Vaccuums are noisy but this one is bareable. I always thought that i have been  doing a great job sweeping with a broom but once i used this and opened it up to see how much dirt inside it has, i was shocked, it was alot! So that comes to show that it really does a good job doing what it was made for.

I'd like to thank Dowell for giving this to me for free! They also have a cool line up of products made to make our life alot easier. Check them out at

~much love, Joy


  1. thats cool! congrats! our handy vacuum is so noisy!

  2. Congrats again sis. Ganyan din gamit ng papa ko kulay blue naman.. kso panggamit nya pag nagaayos sya ng bahay. hahaha. :D


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