Goodbye 2012,Hello 2013!

Another year is about to come to an end. Hope everyone had a fun 2012. Let's all remember the memories it brought to us. I have so much to be thankful for, loved ones who are healthy, husband and kids who i truly adore and adores me, all the places i've been to, my car for being dependable despite it's age, never letting us down no matter where we go, and above all, God, for all these blessings he has given me and will continue to give me in the years to come.

Online. Thank you to all the followers and readers of my blog, for the wonderful comments, for joining giveaways that i have hosted. Thank you! I would also like to thank bloggers, sponsors, friends, facebook, twitter, instagram for all the online blessings i have received in 2012. It was a blessed year indeed. Thank you for the giveaways, for the awesome gadgets i have received (iPad's, iPod's, Galaxy Tabs, Kindle, mobile phones, Gift certificates, accessories, health and beauty products, cash and all the other awesome gadgets, products and accessories) Yes i have been blessed, you may also call me lucky, not all of these came easy, hard work and creativity helped out alot!

So as the year comes to an end, i hope 2013 will also be as kind as 2012 was. 

Thank you!

Happy new year!



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