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I have recently developed a fondness for photography. Experimenting with different settings on my SLR to see the outcome and effects that i can do. The feeling when i capture what to me seems like a perfect shot. I don't mean perfect-perfect, but perfect because i love it, and that's how i see photography, as long as it makes me happy, it's a perfect shot! Now back to the topic.

Mister LBC delivery guy showed up at my doorsteps early this morning and here's what he has for me!

I love getting packages with the word FRAGILE written all over it! Makes it alittle more special, lol!

Yay bubble wrap! I'm gonna pop every single bubble!

There it is! A Lomo cam! I have always wanted to try out lomography, and now i finally can! I love how cool the cam looks like ( a can of sardines) and i won't have to worry about film because 35mm films are cheap nowadays. 

Thank you for viewing my post. Time for me to start practicing on my new hobby. Time for me to "Shoot from the hip"!

I would like to thank Medicol.Ph for opening up the doors of lomography for me. With Medicol, you will always #WinOverPain!

If you are interested in lomography or would like to know what it's all about, visit www.lomography.com.


  1. wow nanalo ka ulit sa medicol? :) pm mo nga sakin pano yan.. hehe. joyluck ka talaga sis :D congrats.

  2. Hi sissy,, LOve ko din photography eversince, create k ng flickr, :) Nice cam,.. Loveyah sis! Congrats :*

    1. Try ko gumawa sis, love your photos! Mwuah,mwuah! <3

  3. WOW! :""> Very nice cam!!
    anyway, i hope you can join my blog's giveaway series if you haven't yet pretty and win awesome prices!

    Rae :3

    1. Thank you! Heading on over to your site :)


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