Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ray-Ban, The Legend of Cool

     I have always been a simple girl with simple dreams. My dreams could be pretty much every girls dreams. A job i love, a husband who treats me like a princess, kids of my own running around the yard of my pink house with a white picket fence. A pink 1963 Mini Cooper parked in my garage and a heart-shaped pool in the backyard with pink neon lights! I want to fit in, live an ordinary life as a wife and mom, fitting in with a crowd and not standing out, are these also your dreams?

     I also have this dream of getting known for something, standing out and being known. I want to be a blogger, not just having a blog and writing stuff just so i  can call myself a blogger,no, i want people to read my blog, to appreciate it and to look forward to my next posts. Even if i can only get one reader, one reader that understands my posts and appreciates what i write, I'd be happy. What's the point of having a blog and writing stuff down if no one's going to read it anyway?

     There's one person i look up to when it comes to blogging. Laureen Uy of She's a legend. Her awesome fashion sense, the way she writes her articles, and how good she looks wearing practically anything. But the best thing i love about her is how humble she is. Being a celebrity, i know she doesn't have that much time to blog and read comments on her blog, but she does. I recall asking her to write me a simple note and she did, i keep that note in my wallet, a little reminder of what i would love to become like, A blogger. Her passion is blogging and it shows, she always updates her blog, puts up all those lovely pics of places she's been to and what she has on. Excellent photographs,excellent topics, excellent giveaways! No wonder why she's up at the top of the ranks. A Legend.

       (photo taken from Eye Statement on Facebook.

      I would like to thank her for setting an example, for making me realize one dream i want to accomplish. I'm not saying that i can reach what she has reached in the world of blogging, i can't, and i have no plans of reaching that. For now, I'm just happy that i have a few loyal readers, i can write about anything i want to write without anyone telling me what to do, i use my own words wrong or right, atleast I'm trying, and I'm doing my best. The greatest part of it is, I Am Happy and somehow, someday, i will be a legend in my own right. It can happen, as long as i keep writing about my passions, what i love, have my own style. I too, will become a legend.

      So when the day comes when i get to come home from work to my Pink house with a white picket fence,my hubby doing laps in our heart-shaped pool, after i'm done detailing my Mini Cooper in the garage, i'm gonna sit on our porch watching my kids play in the yard while i'm blogging about my life and everything that makes me happy. I' m gonna continue doing all this, with a huge smile on my face.

Miss Aisa Ipac of Drowning Equilibriums inspired me to create this post.

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