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I have been getting alot of e-mails and messages asking me how effective ivi is, even asking if it's okay for guys to use it, my daily traffic on my blog is mostly views on my post about ivi so i'm updating my experience with ivi. And yes, guys can use it too, it does wonders!
IVI Premium Collagen drink. My "love affair" with it started back in March,2012. That was when ivi was still a question in alot of people's minds, What's ivi, what does it do for you, where can i get it, how much does it cost, is it safe??.. etc.. Nowadays ivi is pretty much well know and well used by loyal "fanatics" (like me). For those who just found about ivi and have those questions mentioned above, i'll answer the basics.

What is ivi?IVI is 100% collagen which when taken orally replenishes the collagen requirements of our body which helps retain the skins strength, elasticity, and firmness.
Is it safe? Yes it is safe, it has been approved by the food and drug administ…

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Lucy's Desserts Cream Puffs

I recently won on a facebook contest by Lucy's Desserts. The prize was a boxful of Cream puffs. Since it was food, i had to be able to go to Manila and claim the prize myself! Honestly at first, i was'nt really sure if it was worth the hassle and expenses of going to Manila from Cavite (2 hour commute/1 hour drive) just to claim a boxful of Cream Puffs. The taste of ordinary bavarian doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts kept running thru my mind. But i wanted to give it a try. If it's good then its good, if not,well then,lesson learned.
                  So off to Manila i go, my oh so loving husband and cute little baby with me. Left Cavite/Tagaytay around 9-10, got to Manila alittle past 1 i think. The rain was pouring, and pouring hard it was! A couple of exchange of text messages from ms. Char and we met up at cash and carry in Makati, btw, she was nice! Didnt get to talk to her that long but i can tell she is a nice person. After the short hi's and hell…