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Never Stop Learning with Handicrafts,atbp. - GIVEAWAY

To all moms out there, you and your kids will surely love this giveaway hosted by and sponsored by the generous . Read more for details on the giveaway

Never Stop Learning with Handicrafts,atbp. - GIVEAWAY
Welcome to the Never Stop Learning Blog Hop hosted by Some Call It Natural and Mama Chocolate!

There are over 30 blogs in this hop and they all have at least $25 worth of educational materials up for grabs!  After you enter the giveaway here, go to the bottom of the post, and go to all the blogs to enter their giveaways too!

Handicrafts,atbp.collaborated with my blogWorking Mama to giveaway these useful items for your toddlers. With these great prizes surely your kids will have a comfortable study time, enjoy and NEVER STOP LEARNING.

Handicrafts,atbp.  provide me the following prizes for the LUCKY WINNER of this event.

1 Dora Study Table w/Storage 1 Mickey File Folder 1 Snow White Bookends 1 Dora Kiddie Stool


Blackberry 9220 anyone?

I always wanted to be the proud owner of a Blackberry,still hoping to be one. Not to the point that i'd spend my money that i can use for other more important stuff, like food and clothes,i have patience, i can wait. :) I'm still pretty much content with the free phones i get from my service provider. But i'm not going to give up on that dream of owning one, hopefully soon. Try and try, eh?! Then comes some good news,wait no, GREAT news, from a blog that i frequently visit. The Walking Recessionista is celebrating her birthday, with a bang! A whole week of giveaways of cool and awesome stuff! Check out day 6 and you'll see she's giving out a sweet little thing called the Blackberry 9220! Now that's something i want! Why do i want one? Who doesn't?? It's hip, it's cool, it's elegant yet playful at the same time, it has everything you'll ever be needing in a smartphone! And the main reason why i want one, because i eat,sleep and dream abo…

Win $50!

In collaboration with other bloggers is hosting a giveaway, a back to school giveaway where you can win   $50 dollars paypal cash . Yay!  this would really be a good use in buying the stuffs you want. And the good news, the giveaway is open internationally.  So what are you waiting for? Join now! Click  here to join the giveaway, enter your particulars in the rafflecopter and don't forget to leave a comment that i sent you- "Joy Merced / sent me here." The giveaway will end on midnight of July 16 and the winner will be notified by the giveaway host.  Goodluck to everyone!

Giveaway sponsored by these awesome bloggers:Pink Lolly | Sweeet Posh | Happiii | The Rainbow Star | Oh-RainbowHoshi Girl | Blue Lovin | Ayei Bithao | Pseudo Lavie | Im YonaBloggers Portal | Scolex Portal | Scolex Portal | iPhone AppsHome Solar Panels | Diablo 3 Guide | Love Roxie | Korean Doll | Abhie HaliliClint Andrew | Your Kind Of Guy | Lub Ki…