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This is my official entry to Gadget Bonanza BlackBerry Power Pair Edition

     Ever since i first laid my eyes on a Blackberry i knew it was the phone for me, i always had this thought that blackberry made phones based exactly on what i wanted in a phone. I never really asked for much in a phone. All i needed was something to text with and something to make and receive calls on. I never really cared much about simsimi's, temple run's, instagram's, GPS and maps and all those other apps that will just fill up my phone taking away precious memory. Touch screens? Don't get me started there. I never liked the feel of pushing down on glass searching for letters with my eyes, i want something i can feel, real buttons. Sorry Apple. The iPhone looks classy and all but i can't live on looks alone, i need substance. So off i went and bought my very first BB phone! I loved it, qwerty hard keys that are easy to use, stunning screen and all those apps exclusively made for BlackBerry phones. Yup, this phone was designed for me! Awhile back, Blackberry's weren't the "in" phone. It was meant for business people who need every single feature for their business. That was then. That was before Hollywood celebrities started toting it around,before rich kids who wanted everything their favorite celebrity was using,where students would go out and spend their parents hard earned money on a phone that was starting to make a name as the hippest phone to own. Now everyone wants a blackberry, Apples were starting to be common while BlackBerry's were there for those who want a taste of something different.

       Me and BlackBerry. Just like what i said earlier. I just needed a phone that i can use to for texting and calling, something to use to keep in touch with my family back in La Union. Getting married and moving far away from them was very sad,not getting to see them everyday,not being able to give 'em a kiss whenever i want to. My Blackberry helped alot in easing that sadness. A simple call or text a day did wonders for me. The feeling that your day is complete after spending a couple minutes on the phone with them or a simple exchange of text messages was priceless. So there i was, miles away from home,adjusting to a new life,a life that was so different to what i was familiar and comfortable with. The hardest part of starting a new life was being away from my family and learning how to cook! I was 16 years old when i decided to be with my husband.,at 18 we got married.When most girls my age were worrying about what clothes to wear to parties or what color shoes go best with their bags, i was worrying about what to cook and how to cook it. Another reason why i love my BlackBerry so much, i get to call my mom and ask for recipes and i also can search online for recipes to what i want to serve for my hubby without having to be in front of a computer,picture me standing in front of a hot stove with a spatula in one hand while my blackberry is in the other so i can read and follow cooking instructions that my mom texted me or that i searched online. Mobility, gotta love it! My BlackBerry is witness to how i grew as a person, the ups and downs, an unwilling victim of some arguments where i would throw whatever i had in my hand,poor BlackBerry,but don't worry it survived. A couple years later we learned that i was pregnant! Yehey! Of course there's that call to my parents and friends to spread the good news, i will finally become a mom and enjoy the happiness of having a baby! Beginning  a new chapter in my life. Motherhood. I wouldn't call it a job. It's not a job. If it was a job it should be the highest paying job in the world because being a mom is not easy,raising a baby isn't a clock in,clock out thing. It's a 24 hour non-stop responsibility. A responsibility that i gladly did. 

     As the years flew by i look back of what i been through and am proud to say i am successful in being a mom and a wife, but every now and that i always had this feeling that i was failing as an individual. I felt useless to society. I should be working a nine to five job,making money but i'm not. I decided to remain a full time mommy and cherish every little moment i can with my baby. So there i was, with the daily routines of being a mom and wife,over and over. I don't regret it and i never will but i wanted to add some flavor in my life. I did some research and started an online business. Two birds with one stone, i get to be with my kid all day and i can also earn money while I'm at it plus the benefits of having my own schedule,i finally got a job,a job that works around my schedule and not the other way around. My BlackBerry phone has been a lot of help. Phone calls to customers, emails here and there, photos of products that i sell and internet searches of the best deals. A map that can help me get to where i need to be at, a calendar and alarm that will remind me of meetings. I realized that it is more of a business phone and that i can actually do more on it than texting and phone calls, i woke up from the thought that it was designed exactly for me, because it wasn't,it was designed for everyone,it was made to satisfy it's users needs and wants in a phone whoever they may be, a student, a doctor,a lawyer,a pilot, a mom. 

       My BlackBerry has been with me through the years. It helped me in being a better person,a better mom, a cook.,heck, it even made me a better photographer! It helped me in realizing that i am happy at where i am in life,it has been a tool in helping me fulfill my dreams as a business woman, in achieving what i want in life. It has been a tool in making me feel useful,proud of my self, it has also helped me in realizing my purpose in life, someone who would give up everything to be with my kids, helping me realize that i can have the best of both worlds even if I'm a stay at home mommy,even if i decided not to get a real job and rather spend every moment with my family. Achieving my dream of getting a business of my own. A business where i can satisfy my everyday needs,a business where i can work while playing with my kids. God is good. Thanks to my BlackBerry, for being reliable every step of the way. For those priceless moments when i can just whip you out of my pocket and take those candid,funny moments of my kids, thanks for being there so my kids can play with you while I'm trying to keep 'em still and change their diapers, thanks for bridging the distance of La Union to Cavite for me. Thanks for waking me up each morning and reminding me of my schedules. Thanks for being there throughout my learning years of being a mom and good wife. Thanks for making me feel useful! I'm not sure what the future holds for me but i am happy  to say that in the present,i have found my purpose in life,to raise my kids right,be the best wife i can be and strive to be a successful businesswoman.

Thank you TechPinas for giving me a chance to share my story and for the opportunity and chance to get a new BlackBerry phone and Playbook. Wishful thinking, positive thoughts!


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