Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who wouldn't want to win $60?


     I don't know anyone who would pass on a chance to win $60 and if i did know someone who would, i'd tell him/her "you're crazy!''. With the prices of everything going up each day, EVERYTHING- Gas, Electricity, Food & anything else you can think of, and with minimum wage literally taking the meaning of minimum, $60 won't last for a long time but if your wise enough, you can make every penny of that $60 bucks count and matter.

    So what would i do with an extra $60 bucks in my wallet? Impulse would tell me to spend it all on lotto tickets and hope and pray to win a million! Haha just kiddin'! That would be a waste! What would i really do? Hmmmm,.. Summer, heat, kids that love water and sand, i'd treat my family to another fun-filled day at the beach! Mother's day just around the corner, i'll bring my family to my favorite restaurant, give my husband a few bucks and force him to buy me flowers while i spend the day getting a body massage in Tagaytay! :D With any leftovers from that $60 i'd treat my family to the movies and let my kids chose whatever movie they'd like to watch.

    I know it's not the most practical way to spend sixty dollars on but for me it's still money well spent. A day at the beach, a good meal with the fam, bonding time at the movies! Capital F-U-N! For those who say that money can't buy you happiness, i guess they never really noticed that smile on their kids face after bringing them to the beach, treating them to their favorite food and sitting next to them while watching a movie. That smile that  was put on their face with $60 worth of pure and simple fun!

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