Road trips for food trips

Just some of our unplanned short drives around town to satisfy our food cravings. These are just a few that i found on my desktop, still being a little too lazy to organize my albums saved on it.

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” 

“You can't just eat good food. You've got to talk about it too. And you've got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.” 
― Kurt VonnegutJailbird

Carlos Pizza located in Tagaytay known for good homemade-style pizza. Thumbs up for the view of Taal volcano.

Shakey's Pizza. Located at Paseo de Santa Rosa, Laguna. Yummy, excellent thin crust pizza's.The best  Basket of mojos. My family's favorite place to eat at.

Pizza hut. SM Dasmarinas. This is on the bottom of our list of places to eat at, well honestly, it's not even on our list. This is actually listed on our "all-the-food-joints-are-full-so-let's-eat-at-Pizza Hut"  list. Sorry pizza hut, but your grease-filled pizza's can't put a smile on our faces. 

Yellow Cab. Tagaytay City. My hubby's favorite. Good crisp pizza's and generous serving of nachos on the side. Pizza with a view. Thumbs up!

Army Navy. Tagaytay City. HUGE burgers and yummy fries. Decent place to eat at for american-sized burgers. Also comes with a view of Taal volcano for free :) 400 pesos a burger, hmmm.

Mushroom burger. Tagaytay. Yummy food. Healthy food. Known for burgers made out of mushroom. Two thumbs up.

Sbarro's. SM. HUGE pizza's. Yummy cheesecakes. Starting to become one of our favorites. Good price too!

Iceberg's. Mall of Asia, Pasay. For yummy philly cheesesteaks and country style fries. For excellent servings of deserts, this is a place to go to. Love it.

Satisfy your cravings for "kuhol." RSM Tagaytay. Delicious lutong bahay menu, view of Taal volcano. Perfect place for celebrations and parties. 

There's no place like home! Delicious Deviled eggs and Dragon fruit straight from the garden. :))

*This blog post is not a review. This is my personal opinion of some places we eat at frequently and in no way is made to advertise these products or establishments.


  1. Sis are you from Cavite? Coz most of your roadtrips are from Cavite.

  2. cool. What I like about blog posts are the personal ones. This post just shows how family matters are important. :)


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