What's in the mail today? (Part 2)

Yesterday FEDEX called me up and informed about a delivery, prizes i won thru a contest. A pair of cool looking snow boots, skinny jeans and a siver ring that looks like a belt, they were asking me 1,040 pesos to pay for custom taxes and storage charges and i wasnt really sure if it was worth it so i just told the delivery guy "sa 'yo na lang yan." Here's pics of what was in the package.

I hate FedEx :P

Today i got a couple deliveries again from online contests that i won and here are some pics of what i got in the mail today.

First off, 2 sterling items, 1 Charize Pempengco planner signed by her and the other one is a Miami Ink notebook which both look pretty cool. 

Then a couple hours later here come's another delivery guy and cool, A Kindle Touch! I love it's design, have'nt really gotten the chance to mess around with it but i know i'm gonna love it. As long as it has a dictionary, i'm Happy! Here's some pics of it

Yet another day in the life of a full-time mommy and contest fanatic, 'til next time, Ciao!


  1. whaat! 1,040 pesos for a package? that's too much :-/ ohwell sayang naman!

    you won so many giveaways na pala!! AND A KINDLE??? wow congrats :)

    1. Thanks much for dropping by Hazel :) yeah 1,040 for customs but i still got the package anyway, they still sent it to me without paying a dime, lucky me!!

      Can't wait to see what you got from the summer sale bazaar! <3


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