Review: Samsung Galaxy Y

    This review won't be about specs or technical stuff about the Samsung Galaxy Y, this will be from the point of view of an actual owner and user of it for a couple of months. How did it all begin. It was love at first sight. Cheap price, cool interface, tons of apps and Android. I don't really buy mobile phones, i'm not a big fan of the latest models and touchscreens and etc's.. most of the phones i got are from my contract from Smart communications, 6 years and running! So i found out that Smart is offering this phone as a freebie from one of their plans, i tried asking if i can get one with my current subscription but i had to wait til my plan was up for renewal. But that didn't stop me! I dragged my dad along to the Smart hub and applied for a phone under his name :) Weeks passed and still no call from them so i figured it was denied. Another mountain to climb! So i got my old phone that i barely use (one month old and scratchfree) and sold it on an online market, got the money and went straight to the mall and bought a Galaxy Y! Yehey, oh the Joy! Then a few hours after the purchase, smart called me up and said my Galaxy Y is ready for pick up! (and i havent even opened the box of the one i bought..) So then and there i was the owner of two identical mobile phones lol.

The phone:

My opinions of it:

The good:
1. Slim design, easily fits in to your pocket
2. Nice quick interface
3. Wi-Fi
4. Wi-Fi hotspot
5. loud and clear volume, speakers
6. 1,000's of apps

The Bad:
1. Battery life (a day or two if using Wi-Fi)
2. Hard to text: (you have to always be looking at the screen, but still expect mistypes)
3. Back button (sometimes works, sometimes doesnt)
4.resolution (hard to read webpages)
5. Lags (if you have 3 or more apps open)

I'll most likely edit this post and find more flaws or pros to this unit.
For now, i will be giving it a 6/10. It's not a perfect phone but it does it's job (making calls) and for it's price of around 5,000 pesos, you get your moneys worth. Just don't expect it to be an iphone or a BlackBerry.


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