Place: Nuvali, Laguna

      Some photos of our favorite place to hang out at, dine, bike and boat ride at. Nuvali. This place is beautiful, not crowded, got plenty of things to keep you and your fam occupied, alot of restaurants that cater to whatever you stomache desires! Nuvali is popular because of it's man-made(?) lake which is home to thousands of Koi fish. It is located very close to Enchanted Kingdom so you can include it on your itinerary whenever you plan to spend a day at EK. Some bazaars are open here on the weekends so you can also do alittle shopping if you want. Parking is free and never full. Bike rides will cost you around 60 pesos an hour and boat rides cost 180 pesos a fam of 6. It is also a perfect place to do your morning jogs. 


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    1. Thanks for dropping by, appreciate it! Heading over to your blog && will join of course, Happy birthday!


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