My hometown La Union

      La Union. This is where it all first started. My first step, my first words, my first boo-boo, my first school, my first love. This is where i was born. La Union is known for the beaches, but if you were born and raised there, you wouldnt even notice the beauty of it. It's when i got married and left la Union that i realized how beautiful the place i grew up in is. The people, the private resorts, the beach, our Town Plaza, the climate, the beautiful sights and sounds is what makes up La Union.

Here are some pictures of places around La Union that are worth a visit whenever you're in town.

Thunderbird resort: 

Ma-cho Temple:

Town Plaza:

The Beach:

Just a few pics showing the beauty of the place i once and always will call HOME, 

La Union.


  1. I would love to visit this place!

    1. You should! Bring your whole family para masaya :))

  2. Never thought La Union is that beautiful have not went that far and I didn't even know that there are chinese temple there


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