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     Me and my husband has been hooked on a new  product that according to ads and promos ''will make you look younger & have healthier skin." That product is called IVI Premium Collagen. We were skeptical at first about using it but after reading a few reviews and seeing some local celebrities using/endorsing it, i had to give it a try. So off goes my husband in search for a store that has it in stock, after a few days of searching, finally got a hold of a box. What is it made off? Honestly, i don't have a clue.. What matters the most to me is how effective it really is. AND EFFECTIVE IT IS. After 4 or 5 days of drinking it (you simply just mix it up with your fav drink, once or twice a day, found out later on that you can also mix it up with food), my husband noticed that it really was taking effect. I started to look fresher, he told me. Little did i know that he was secretly drinking some of my ivi, he thought i wouldn't notice but i did! But that's okay, atleast we can both benefit from this magic little powder called IVI. We are almost out of stock again but stores near our area are finally carrying it. For 115 for a sachet or 1610 for a box of 14, pretty good deal for healthy, younger looking skin. You can buy it at leading drugstores and if you're out of the country, you can hit them up at  customercare@ivi.com.ph  to place an order and they'll ship it to your for a minimal fee.

     Now the cool part. With the help of my husband for being so helpful, he won a Coach Bag from them. He was so happy! Well i couldnt tell who was happier, me or him :) So i have to thank him for knowing facts about IVI and helping others with their questions. I love my husband! I would like to also thank IVI for the bag and the lifetime benefit of a younger, fresher look. Thanks!

Thanks IVI!


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