Greatest job on earth, being a mommy!

 "When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child."

         I am a mom, a proud mom, a happy mom. A loving mom of two cute and very adorable kids. My kids are my world, and i also know that i am theirs, well, for now. Before they grow a little older and start discovering the world outside home, before they start walking the outdoors by themselves, before they start staying out too late and start dating then start families of their own. OMG! I am thinking waaaaay ahead of time! Let's rewind and go back to reality,the present, and let me just enjoy every moment i can with them, or let me take you to the past and let me tell you my life story, how it all started, on how at the age of 23 i am a mother of two.
       I have been living a pretty normal life. Home, study, school, home, rinse and repeat. Never really planned on having a boyfriend at an early age. I had goals, plans, dreams. But then one fine day in December during my senior year in Highschool i learned about chatting. I met the greatest guy on earth! Destiny? Coincidence? Doesn't matter what you call it, as long as i call it LOVE! Out of the millions of people chatting on that exact day and time, i met him! So after the usual chats, dating, and etc's we discovered that we couldn't live a day without each other so he asked me to marry him. I was 16 then and was still studying so he waited til i graduated. So after graduation he asked me to move in with him which i did and the rest was history. I got pregnant at 17, we got married when i turned 18 and had our first baby a few weeks after my 18th birthday. 

Life isnt all about ups, there are alot of downs too, all of these downs start sinking into you when you become a parent at a young age and realize that life isn't all about partying and having fun, having a baby brings a whole new prospective into your life. All these questions that you don't have answers for start running through your mind. I never asked help or info on how to raise a baby. I learned it one day at a time. The four corners of our home is my witness of our everyday struggles, everyday enjoyment, everyday pain and everyday happiness of building our family. Home is where everything starts. You learn everything at home. Everything you need to know to survive in the outside world, you learned it at home. Greatness starts at home!

       I am proud of my two kids and love seeing what they're becoming. Watching them take their first steps, speak their first words, learning their ABC's, dancing and singing to songs on the radio.


       Seeing how much they love each other, how much they care for one another, they learned this all at home. Even if i have to sound like a broken record, i can say over and over about how proud i am of them. Because they are still young and still got a lot of things to learn you really won't say that these are great achievements, but for a mom like me, the little things that they do, the songs that they sing, the dance steps they make and that smile i see on their face whenever they do something cool, that is the greatest achievement i can see in them and nothing can compare to that!

      My eldest is now 5 years old and is now in preschool and i can say he's growing up to be bright and loving, i guess we're doing something right for him to grow up a good little man, everyday is still a learning experience for us parents and we take it all  one day at a time. Our youngest is 1 year old and i noticed that  no two kids are alike, it's a matter of learning their attitudes and guiding them from what's right and wrong. I don't see what the future holds for them but for now, we will continue doing our best so they can become whatever they want to be in life. With us teaching them the right morals and showing them the true meaning of love, guiding them every step of the way,they are bound to be good adults. All of this started at home, where greatness begins! So just like what i said earlier about them growing up, dating, starting  a family of their own, i would be happy to say that we had a big part in what they turn out to be in the near future. Yes i am a mom, a proud mom. My greatest achievement would be raising them right, which would also help them be great in whatever they do. Greatness started at home.

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  1. I am so proud of you sis 4 being a Good Mom a full time mom na punong puno ng sigla hehe~mwahh! goodluck

  2. Thank you sis Ruby! mwuah!

  3. kaw na ang mom!:) aga mo pala nag asawa kaya pala ang bata mo tignan pero ok lng yan sana madagdagan pa baby mo, girl para magmana sayo:)

    1. Yeah sana girl naman (in the distant future)! Thanks!

  4. You look too young kala ko high school ka palang. I agree that being a full time mom is the greatest profession. Moms are the reason why most people succeed in life.

  5. feeling ko ang cool mong mom :)and you look so young:)

  6. Indeed sis! Greatest job talaga and I'm proud being one. :D

    Ingat kau lage sis!

  7. I can relate to this blog.thanks for sharing

    1. Thanks for reading, i appreciate it! :)

  8. Greatest job on earth talaga at makita lang nating happy ang pamilya natin eh happy na din tayo.


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