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Another bag, yehey!

Here is another bag i won through an online contest. This is probably the seventh bag i won online but i'm not complaining, the more the merrier! I won this through (a cool blogger i must say), a satchel bag from Royal Koffer. I love it's colors since it can go with basically any outfit and the design is so retro! I love it! Here's what it looks like: 
And here is a pic of me using it :)

There you go! Hoping for more bags to come and more contests to win, good afternoon!

Caleruega Church

A beautiful church located in Batangas, Caleruega! A relaxing thirty minute drive from Tagaytay, up windy roads, past a long stretch of rough, unpaved road will lead you to Caleruega Church. Perfect place for those solemn family outings and breath taking views. If i would ever get married the second time around (to the same person ofcourse <3), this would be my dream church. Words won't give justice to how beautiful this church is so just sit back, relax and enjoy some pics we took there. :)

Mushroom burger

Mushroom burger. It's located right beside Taal Vista Hotel and across the street from Casino Filipino. Your visit to Tagaytay wouldn't be complete without tasting one of Tagaytay's well known burger joint. The burgers served are made out of fresh mushrooms. So enjoy a burger here with less the fat of a regular burger. Prices are good and cheap and the burgers are good and delicious. You really don't get much of a view while dining here but you don't go there for the view, you go there for the burgers.
Here are some pics i took at Mushroom Burger.

IVI & Coach

Me and my husband has been hooked on a new  product that according to ads and promos ''will make you look younger & have healthier skin." That product is called IVI Premium Collagen. We were skeptical at first about using it but after reading a few reviews and seeing some local celebrities using/endorsing it, i had to give it a try. So off goes my husband in search for a store that has it in stock, after a few days of searching, finally got a hold of a box. What is it made off? Honestly, i don't have a clue.. What matters the most to me is how effective it really is. AND EFFECTIVE IT IS. After 4 or 5 days of drinking it (you simply just mix it up with your fav drink, once or twice a day, found out later on that you can also mix it up with food), my husband noticed that it really was taking effect. I started to look fresher, he told me. Little did i know that he was secretly drinking some of my ivi, he thought i wouldn't notice but i did! But that's okay…

Summer lovin' Splash Island

Some photos and memories of our day spent at Splash Island. Kids had a blast. Beautiful waterpark, plenty of attractions and cottages are also available to rest your weary self :)
    A little details of the park. Splash Island is located in Laguna, about 45 minutes away from the bustling streets of Manila. Entrance will cost you 500 pesos for adults and 400 pesos for kids under 4ft. Operating hours are 9am-5pm on mondays thru thursdays and 8am to 6pm on holidays and weekends. Free tents are located throughout the park while cabanas start at 500 for the basic and up to 1200 for the closed ones with airconditioning. Cabanas are on a first come first serve basis so go early if you plan on renting one for the day. Splash island is well maintained with friendly staff that are helpful with any questions you may have.
     If your looking for a place to beat the summer heat and have fun for the whole family, i recommend Splash Island to you.