Ipod Shuffle 2GB

Being a fulltime mom does come with it's perks. I got all the time in the world to browse the net (well that is whenever my kids are behaving/asleep). My addiction to anything online started with RPG's(role playing games), R.O.S.E. online! Countless hours of trying to make my character look cute but strong, saving up those ZULIES to become an online billionaire! Well im long over that but still love going online. My new pastime, Online contests!

Here's a new addition to my prizes i got online. A spanking brand new Ipod Shuffle! This little darling i got from Medicol.ph and spamming lol. Havent opened it yet, don't even know if i will since i really don't need a portable music player thats stores 2GB of songs! A cellphone is fine enough for my music. I'll probably just display it on the shelf and who knows, maybe try and collect all other generations (if ever i have extra dough)!


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