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Myra-E has always been part of my daily regimens from eversince i can remember. It all started out with Myra-E capsules(d-Apha Tocopherol). I really don't know what it's made out of and i'm just gonna stick with my theory about it being made of MAGIC! Just after a couple days of drinking it i already noticed how smoother and glowier my skin has become! I'm not taking it thinking that i'll get whiter skin, i just like the benefits it gives of bringing out a much more healthier smoothness to my skin.

Now welcome the new member of Myra-E and a new part of my daily regimen, Myra VitaGlow tinted facial moisturizer! I have seen this at the beauty sections of malls and been dieng to try it out but i thought it was expensive so i never really gave it a second thought. Then one day destiny suddenly stepped in (online contest i won) and gave me the chance to try it out and from that day onwards i have been hooked! Funny thing is i found out that it really does'nt cost that much at all! 135 pesos for a 35ml tube which will last quite a long time depending on your usage. I love how its not sticky and messy like other facial moisturizers out in the market plus it's tinted! I use the Ivory one and glad to say that it really helps! Smoother, healthier glow, & the tint just evens out my color even better!

Here's some self pics before and after using it.



One happy customer!


  1. my friends loves tinted moisturizer from myra-e! actually i got it as a prize from myra-e contest, then when i got it, i shared it with my friends. and like din nila. it definitely gives instant glow to your dull face. add a little blush and a lipstick or even a lip balm then you're ready to go!

    1. Let's hope for more contests from Myra-e! :))

  2. Wow! Seems like I should also give Myra E a try! ;)


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