Monday, March 26, 2018

Grow your business with Animoto

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 Have you always wanted to create slideshows and videos from your own personal pictures but just don't know where to begin? Are you worried that it won't come out looking good at all?
Then I have the perfect tool for you! Animoto!

Simple and easy to use, make your slideshow look like a professional made it.

Check out what I made with my free trial of Animoto

This slideshow was so easy to make thanks to Animoto.  To get started, you get to choose from a variety of templates, about 50 different styles. You also get to choose from over 1000 different soundtracks to suit your video. What's great about animoto is that if you already have picture online on your social media sites, it can grab it for you, less hassle.

Animoto is also  perfect for business and marketing. Marketing videos allow logos, custom brand colors, advanced text control, voice-over, and pre-built story boards. Perfect way to showcase your own business.

It was so easy and fun to make my own video with a slideshow, imagine how productive and simple it will be using Animoto's Marketing video builder?
Step by step tutorials to increase your business marketing strategies and be able to spread the word through video ads that you made yourself!

Creating advertisments with Animoto's marketing video builder is straightforward.

Select a video storyboard from a list of pre-built story boards or start from scratch.

Add your own photos, videos and text to customize your video ad.

Once you're completely satisfied with the outcome, produce your video and share!
Simple as 1,2,3.

So whichever product you want to go for, slideshow videos or marketing videos, Animoto offers you the best tools to make the perfect slideshow or video.

Get started now!
Click on the links below to take you directly to Animoto.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Minted art, uniqueness redefined.

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Special occasions made even better and given more meaning. Minted Puts the appreciation to artists and takes pride in showing off their talents through amazing designs and concepts.

Minted showcases uniquely made designs by independent artists who submit their artwork to Minted.
These submissions either get voted upon or chosen by Minted itself to feature on their website, designs that us as consumers can order and display in our homes, or get printed on cards to send to our loved ones.

Minted showcases these designs and acknowledge every artist and the inspiration/story behind their art.

Check out this limited edition art by Denise Wong.
It's called Pacific coast highway.
This abstract landscape piece features a painterly rendering of the Pacific Coast Highway, the famed stretch of road that runs along the California coast. In this work, I began exploring the notion of taking the scenic route by utilizing a nature-inspired, bird's-eye perspective. Here, flowing paint washes collide with thick, impasto paint applications to reveal a unique path among crashing surf, lush greenery, and rugged cliffs, for a piece suggestive of the energetic movement and momentum of travel toward a beautiful destination, and the thrill and adventure of the journey along the way.

When ordering these amazing works of art you get to select the size of the picture, choose what frame you want and also add a personal touch to it, you can request for the artist's signature on it as well!

If you are having a hard time choosing the style for you, you can also get advise for the best outcome ever, one that suits your style!
 Minted has so many designs and prints to choose from made by a community of independent artists.
Customize gifts, paintings, your home with stand out arts and crafts!

Browsing through Minted, there is one particular option that really grabbed my attention, Nursery wall art!

Picture in your mind if you can a nursery decorated and showcasing amazing prints and designs by artists around the world.

Just some of the talented artist designs they showcase.

Whichever way you choose to use these masterpieces, through decorating your wall or creating custom gifts for family and friends, the decision is all yours to make and Minted will help you every step of the way.

Visit Minted and you will definitely love every minute spent on their site and fall in love with it.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Craft a Happier Easter with the Dollar Tree

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Easter is just around the corner, time really does fly when you're having fun!
Time to finally get out in the sun and have more fun, fun , fun! Easter bunny, egg hunts and Easter school projects coming soon so now is the perfect time to get ready!

During holidays and occasions, which is the first store that comes to mind? The Dollar tree! All you need for every occasion, they have it all set up for you! A dollar for all your crafting needs and decorations, also greeting cards and picnic items you'll be needing to celebrate with.


Yup! Everything for a dollar! Create and decorate that perfect Easter basket, craft an awesome school project with your kids, make spring become more colorful with decorations and crafts you can create yourself!

All the crafting materials you need to create a wonderful Easter basket!
All for a $1! 
Foam eggs for decorating

Decorate eggs with your kids, have a friendly competition on who can make the prettiest eggs!

The one thing that makes me extremely happy with shopping at the Dollar tree is that they have every occasion covered, Christmas, Fourth of July, Birthdays! you name it they celebrate it with us and for us!

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Follow your art by Gymboree

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Let's all bring back the true meaning of spring, enjoy nature and it's wonderful colors and place ourselves in the true meaning of spring!

 Beautiful colors surround us, kids playing in the background and the warm breeze gently blowing. This is the perfect time to enjoy and explore nature.

Dress up your kids or let them choose the outfits they want to wear during Spring time. Let them stand out and show their personalities with Gymboree
Amazing and beautiful, stylish #FollowYourArt designs for your kids!

 Plenty of spring colors to choose from to help them stand out and have fun!

Bright days ahead are coming with these wonderful masterpieces.

 Adorable collection from Gymboree

I can't wait till spring! My kids will look adorable in these outfits from Gymboree! Mix and match or coordinate these outfits. Spring time will be more enjoyable and brighter when your kids are wearing spring colors!

Check out Gymboree now and Follow your art!

Spring Markdown Event Up To 60% off at Gymboree

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Shop the Reebok Running Sale and get Footwear for $29.99 + Free Shipping!

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Starting today, February 20th through February 22nd, Training Footwear is $29.99 PLUS Free Shipping at with code TRAIN29. Don't miss this chance to save big with this incredible deal.


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