Sunday, June 10, 2018

Invoice Online and Get Paid Faster with Freshbooks

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There are a few softwares out in the market that main goal is to help you run your business with ease but not come close to the features and capabilities that Freshbooks has to offer.

Your main goal for your business is to make is successful, earn profit and draw in a steady clients. You should be focusing on  making it bloom and prosper.

Fresh book is an accounting software that will give you the freedom to focus on your team and worry less about accounting and finances.
It helps you simplify billing, invoices, reports and etc. In other words, it's a software that will help you streamline your business and help you save time so you can focus on the more important aspects of your company.


FreshBooks is built for your needs, built to help you maximize your growth.
My spouse can attest to FreshBooks efficiency. He is a banker and most of his business account holders use to have a different kind of software which i am not going to mention and these business clients switched to FreshBooks and is currently using the software. Gone are the days of inaccurate reports and time-management, yearly business reports are on track and easy to maintain and keep updated. No more time wasted on accounting matters and more time for them to focus on everything else that matters, your clients and goals.

I highly suggest you take a look into FreshBooks and learn more about their product, try it for a few months and you will regret that you didn't learn about it sooner.



Create Professional Looking Invoices in Seconds

You’re the real deal, be sure you look it. FreshBooks makes creating professional looking invoices for your business ridiculously easy. It’s simple to create and customize your invoice, add your logo and personalize your thank you email. Your clients will be wowed.



Instantly See How Well Your Business is Performing

Staying in the black? Charging enough? Sometimes it can be a mystery where your business stands. Skip the stress and use FreshBooks’ insightful dashboards and reports. They’re full of valuable information to show you exactly what you need, at‑a‑glance.

Friday, June 1, 2018

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the links, I’ll receive a little commission at no cost on you. 

Are you like me? Wanting to get in shape and live a healthy lifestyle but just really can't find the time to do so? Coming up with a lot off excuses not to work out? I'm pretty sure there are all of you out there with the same excuse. 

I make it a point to do my best to eat healthier to help cut down on some weight but i love eating! I have also been wanting to join a health club but i work all day and just don't have the energy to drive during rush hour to head to a gym and spend a few hours there.

Then i found out about and i am at the point where i am really decided to sign up after reading through their website. 

Yogadownload is your key to physical and mental well being, including spiritual. They offer many types of packages that will suit your individual needs.

Beginner Yoga Programs

Programs designed for those brand new to yoga or working to develop a practice.


Challenge yourself and soak up the benefits of every day yoga!

5-Day Evening Yoga Challenge

These are just some of the intense programs yogadownload has to offer. Each of these programs contain a series of downloadable classes that are designed for a specific purpose, all with one reachable goal in mind, Fitness and well being!

You also can choose from membership options on membership options

Online Yoga Teacher Training Certification

I am planning on making 2018 my year, it may be almost half way through but it's never too late to start achieving my goals. Gone are the days where excuses were all i can think of, reason that stops me from working out, gone are the days where time and distance were my excuse for being lazy. Now that Yogadownload is in the picture, i can work for a healthier me at home with nothing but instructions and videos leading my way.

What about you? What's your excuse? Now that you also read about this, what are you waiting for? Visit today and join me as we challenge ourselves!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

FREE 7 Day Craftsy Unlimited Trial

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Craftsy Unlimited FREE 7 day trial at

Craftsy is the digital destination devoted entirely to makers. More than 13 million enthusiasts - from artists to quilters and beyond - make Craftsy their home for binge-worthy on-demand content, access to the world’s top experts and curated supplies, all served up in a fun-loving creative community. 

Good news!

FREE 7 Day Craftsy Unlimited Trial - Dive into thousands of hours of expert taught videos and bring your best ideas to life. Whether you love stitches, swatches, pasta or paint, you'll never be without a source of inspiration.

Don't miss your chance! Grab your:
7 day FREE trial on Craftsy Unlimited


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Don't miss out on Helix Memorial day savings!

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We all know that a good sleep is the deciding factor of a perfect day for most of us. Either we are going to be cranky all day because our beds werent comfortable or we are going to be happy and productive because of a good night's rest. 

For me, a comfy bed is the be all and end all of a a peaceful nap or sleep. No matter how tired i am, not being in a comfy bed can and will keep me up all night. 

That's why i'm glad that there are companies out there like Helix who actually cares about our sleep and actually base our comfort and their bed designs  on our own coices as customers.

Helix builds their beds based on you! You simply go through a few questions that make them know what you want in a bed.

Once you go through the questions about yourself and sleeping habits, Helix will custom make the matress for you!

Why does Helix customize matresses for you?
Better reported sleep quality
Improved REM sleep cycles, backhealth and overall comfort

 Click on the link to start customizing your Helix matress just for you!

What are you waiting for, get that well-rested sleep you deserve and visit Helix to find the right matress for you!

So many proud customers have already attested to the comfort Helix provides, actively posting on social media pages.

Check out their products:
With simple, tool-free assembly and the convenience of size adjustability the Helix Frame embodies simple, functional design.

The Helix Frame provides an additional 7.25” lift from the floor. The oversized leg glides are super strong and virtually indestructible.
Compatible with any mattress and foundation, but designed to go specifically with your Helix Mattress and Helix Foundation. 
Helix Sheets are made of a rich soft cotton-polyester blend with a two-sided sateen weave which balances comfort with breathability. They feature a high 600 thread count for that luxury feeling and wrinkle resistant material for convenience. The sheets are available in White and Slate (grey).
Your Helix Foundation is 7.5" of SPF (spruce, pine, fir), upholstered with the same woven fabric as your Helix Mattress. Simply designed and completely made in the USA, it can be built and broken down in only 2-3 minutes.
Strong, sturdy, and most important of all, reliable. Support what supports you every single night.
Compatible with any mattress, but built specifically for your Helix.
The Helix Adjustable Base features head up, foot up, and Zero Gravity technology to reduce pressure - not to mention a memory setting to keep you as comfortable as possible. Great for reading, watching TV, or reducing back pain and snoring while sleeping, our adjustable base features a wireless remote and side of the bed USB chargers for your devices. Set-up is simple and tool free.

Your Helix Matress Protector
With your Helix Mattress Protector, you’ll protect your purchase against spills, dirt, and nightly wear and tear, while keeping your Helix Mattress as fresh and clean as the first night you slept on it.
Compatible with any mattress, but built specifically for your Helix.

Memorial Day Savings (Valid 5/16-5/30):

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Pure life, Pura Vida.

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What makes you happy? What makes you look forward to each new days? For me, it's my family and OUR happiness. 

Each and every single one of us on this planet definitely has something that keeps them going, that help them get through the days and look forward to better futures.Becoming happy while achieving your goals.

Check out the story of two friends who came up with something simple yet so meaningful that it turned into a dream come true for them.
Griffin and Paul were travelling through Costa Rica when they met these bracelet artisans who hand crafted simple bracelets, colorful bracelets that captured the essence of their journey. These two bracelet artisans lived in poverty and Griffin and Paul asked them to make 400 bracelets for them to take home. Who would have thought that this will be their first step into a successful partnership.

When they returned to San Diego, California they placed the bracelets in a bowl at a local boutique and within days they were sold out and people were asking for more. The simple bracelets which normally represent friendship, turns out to mean much more to them, it symbolizes the simple things in life hence the name they came up with, Pura Vida.

Pura Vida means Pure life in Spanish, taking things slowly. Enjoying the simpler things in life but living life to the fullest. How cool is that?!

From selling a few bracelets a week, now Pura vida bracelets are worn by millions.

Just looking at the bracelets on their site, I definitely see why. But for me, it's not only how simple these bracelets look but each and every one of them stand out with uniqueness and of course, the meaning behind the bracelets. Pure life. This duo definitely came up with a meaningful product line.

Check out some of their products and styles

Millions of others agree with their concept too and proud on showing off their Pura Vida bracelets, living life to the fullest!

unique as the person wearing it

Since I love sale items, I want to show you my Top picks from Pura Vida sale items:
Bestie Pack
The bestie pack! What better way to express yourself than with the 10 best selling originals from Pura Vida! Individually crafted so each bracelet will be unique, the more you wear it, the more personality comes out. 
Macrame Night Bag
Sooo cute and stylish! My personal favorite. Perfect size for my phone and some cards/cash! The design really stands out and the size is an exact fit for small belongings.

Journal or diary or just something you can jot down quick notes or lists on, do it in style with this printed journal from Pura Vida. Elastic strap and comes with a Pura Vida pen.

these are great deals since they are 20% off and Buy one get free!

They definitely turned the bracelet industry around and gave more meaning to these bracelets. Hopefully this will also be an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs out there to never give up on what they have their heart and mind set on. 
Always best to stick to the true meaning of keep it simple and let it be loud through meaning! 
Please drop by their site and check out what they have to offer, great prices, unique designs and awesome deals!