Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ease with car lifts

Being a car owner comes along with its perks and downsides. Freedom being on the open road, travelling to places you never been before and just the exciting of driving around town with ease. Saving time, money is the true essence of being a car owner. Of course ownership also comes along with responsibilities. In order to keep your car on the road and running smooth, you do need to perform maintenance on it and some does cost you money. It's not more on parts but more on labor. I actually learned to do some DIY through youtube and i do most of my car maintenance at home. Oil change, tire rotates, Coolant flush, i have done it. Not really easy when all you have at your disposal is the jack that comes with my car. Sometimes i see youtube stars who vlog about cars having their own car lifts in their shop or garage, and I'm here dreaming that someday i will become a proud owner of one! Daydreaming has lead me to multiple car sites and shops and i found one that is really awesome and has plenty of choices. Best buy auto equipment is a site i stumbled upon for car lifts and information. 

Imagine the opportunities that these car lifts will open up for you! Imagine starting a business and having these in your shop. You will definitely be able to save money and time after your initial investment or purchase. Best buy automotive equipments offers great prices for the type of lifts you want!

Best Buy auto equipment does have multiple brands that you can choose from, also the specific you that will suit your needs.

Check out some of their car lift brands.

One of the most commonly used tools and accessories in the car industry is the car lift. Mentioned above are some of the brands that this site carries and listed below are some types of lifts particular brands will have to offer.

Auto Lift asymmetric car lift
Single piece column construction
Drop in swivel pads
Padded shut off bar
Dannmar four post alignment lift
This lift is ready to take the demands of a professional shop

I would say Best buy auto equipments is the best place to shop for car lifts because they have the widest selection and price range to satisfy your needs. They have experts who will help you sort to through the large selection of lifts they have.

I highly recommend that my readers to visit this site, even if you are not car enthusiasts or not in the market for a lift. Aside from lifts they also have other products to offer. If any professional shop owners are viewing this, i definitely recommend that you browse through the products and also take advantage of their customer service reps who have great knowledge about the products and can point you into the right direction.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Food stop: Tacos Mexicanos,Pensacola.

Since I moved to Florida a year ago I have been discovering places to see and things to do, haven't really posted about my Florida experiences but I will get back on track real soon.

We started visiting other cities in Florida since we moved here last year and i will start posting those places once i get everything in order, we have also visited another state or two since our move. We been spending most of our weekends at the beach and finally decided it's time to move on to other experiences, discovering food places that we haven't tried before. I am not talking about the bigger name companies, we are going to start trying local food places.

Starting off With Tacos Mexicanos.
I am not really into Mexican food except for the tacos I make at home but why not give it a try?

Tacos Mexicanos is located at 3000 N 12th avenue in Pensacola, Florida. Really easy to find if you are from around Pensacola, if not, definitely use your GPS. 

Like I mentioned earlier, I am not really into Mexican food, proof is when we ordered and the cook asked what we wanted in our tacos, my only answer was "surprise me". We ordered two awesome tacos for $3.50 each and a mango smoothie for $7.

The tacos were okay. I believe it was beef, cottage cheese, cilantro, onions and tomatoes. For someone who is not fond of tacos I will rate it a 3 out of 5, but that does not mean it's not good. 

When we ordered the mango smoothie, the guy behind the counter asked us to taste it first before we order, and so we did. 

It was pure Mango and ice, and tamarind powder. Nice little mixture of sweetness and sourness. A little too much on the sour side. 

It's a great little place to eat at if you like Mexican food, but I can confidently say that this is the first and last time I'm eating there, not because it was not good because it was, just because of the same reason I keep on mentioning above.

I am not sure of our next food destination but
I will post it as soon as I  do, while I continue discovering Pensacola and the places and beauty it has to offer.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Visiting New Orleans

When you say New Orleans, the first thought that comes to mind is Mardi gras. We tend to overlook the historic places New Orleans has to offer. 

We took a day trip to new Orleans a few weeks back, our main reason going there was to bring my mom to the Casino but of course we can't miss the opportunity to do a little sight-seeing while we were there.

Initial thought of new Orleans? Traffic and crowded. Streets are full of out of state vehicles and sidewalks full of tourists. parking is hard to find and of course once you find one it will definitely be a paid parking spot. 

 The infamous Bourbon street

tour buses are everywhere

Once we found a good parking spot, we started walking around the city. 
We visited Saint Louis Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the United States.

street performers were busy doing their thing on the side walks while tourists like us happily watch them perform.

We also walked along the Mississippi river, there were some ferries that toured down the river but we didn't have enough time to ride on one.

 the Mississippi river

Our brief and short trip to New Orleans was fun, we do of course plan on going back when mardi gras happens, looking forward to that!

 Harrah's casino

The Riverwalk

Stay tuned for more new Orleans, LA. pics when we come back.

Love, Joy.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Dryel, FULL clean clothes at HALF the price!

Welcome back to another wonderful day in the life of yours truly. As some of you all  may already know by now, I recently moved to Florida and  I'm loving every single day of being here.

My kids are now in school and both are doing great, I have also found a job that I do love, a Monday to Friday job so I still get to spend quality time with my kiddos :)

And of course, this is Florida, there are so many things to do and see, and we make sure we get to spend our weekends exploring Florida. 

And yes, we also found  a place that we can call home, nice and comfy and conveniently located near the place I work at and also my kids school. The only downside is it doesn't have washer and dryer hook-ups. But I don't really worry much about that, I have Dryel!

So after work on Friday, me and my hubby do the laundry, kinda like date night but in a laundromat, haha! So we always have a weeks worth of laundry that we do, normal everyday clothes and our work clothes. We gotta make sure tho that our work clothes are always looking new and clean and smelling fresh, don't want to be caught off guard with wrinkled or soiled clothes.

That's why we have Dryel to thank for. Who needs those expensive dry cleaning services when Dryel can do the same job at a fraction of the cost. I am pretty sure most of my readers and friends are aware of how fond of Dryel I am and how much it has made my life a whole lot simpler and also helped me save a small fortune by not having to go to the dry cleaners for my clothes.

Just to refresh your memory, For a mere fraction of the cost of getting it professionally done, you can clean your clothes at home for $9.99 with a Dryel Starter kit that can clean up to 20 garments! A refill pack costs the same and can clean up to 40 garments, That alone is a lot of savings in your pocket!

So if you're a frugal mom like me or just wanting to save time and money, Dryel is perfect for you. There should be no other excuses not to use Dryel, and the bottom line here is, Dryel will keep your clothes clean and looking new all the time for the fraction of the cost of getting it professionally cleaned.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Moving to Florida with Dryel

Hello and welcome once again to another day in my life with Dryel, this is a milestone, why? Read on.

Me and my family opted to take a huge step in our lives and recently moved to the Sunshine state, Florida! With just enough savings in our accounts and a lot of determination, we took the risk of starting from scratch in a state that we know nothing about except from what we read and see on the internet and hanging on to the belief that in bigger cities comes better opportunities.

So far so good and we are loving it. Found an apartment and finally settling in. Got our basic necessities that we need in our new apartment except for two major appliances, a washer and a dryer! So for the meantime we religiously go to the laundromat once a week to wash our clothes. No biggie. Clothes we wear everyday are washed at the laundromat. But, I need a job and of course along with job hunting comes those interviews that I need to loook my best. So what do I do? I wear my best clothes! How do I keep them looking nice and clean, and also fresh and new? Dryel!

Remember my fondness for Dryel from my posts going way back? Well, yes I still use Dryel.Job interview after job interview after job interview! I have to look my best. Instead of going to the dry cleaners to get my "interview" clothes cleaned, I use Dryel and use it everytime I do my normal laundry at the laundromat. With  just a fraction of what it would cost if I got them professionally cleaned, I save time and money at the same time. No more going out of my way to go to the dry cleaners and waiting a few days to pick them up, all it takes is a normal dryer cycle for me to get them clean and fresh looking. 

I thank Dryel for giving me the freedom to do more with my time and being satisfied with the results. Don't forget what I mentioned before in my other posts about Dryel, a $9.99 (SRP) starter kit can clean up to 20 garments, that alone is savings in itself compared to the dry cleaners.

Oh wait, before i forget to brag, there's actually more. I also have this on the go Dryel stain remover! Perfect for those little accidents when I'm already out and about. Coffee spills, food stains, lipstick marks? Whatever it is my Dryel pen will take care of those stains right away while on the go! No more embarrasing stain moments during job interviews, yay! Easy and simple to use for a no worries, stain-free day ahead!

So if you haven't given Dryel a try, what is stopping you, it's a choice you won't regret.

Dryel At-Home Dry Cleaner Starter Kit - 4 Loads
Dryel On-the-Go Stain Remover (6-Pack of Stain Remover Pens)